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Dilicon Leadership Development Consultation

Becoming a Sustainability Leader:
From Jazz to Symphony Leadership

True leaders seek to serve then aspire to lead. They pursue collective growth!

Force of Contrast

As business affairs become fragile and disruptive requirements prevail, the confidence, resilience, perseverance, and hope of the leaders emerge by the force of contrast.

Rectitude of Conduct

Collective enterprises are primarily led by rectitude of conduct in its services. This alone contributes to evolving its collaboration patterns expressed by its cultured elegance in collective behavior.

Seek for Excellence

In effect, warmth consciously elevates the collective synergy needed to reinvigorate, sustain, and enhance the competence to pursue excellence!



Dilicon Consultation Portfolio on Digital Enterprise Engineering

Value Systems

Lays out key value drivers of digital enterprise services and field operations

Process Models

Lays out key value drivers of digital enterprise services and field operations

Data Mindset

Contextualize data spaces and harness its hidden values into foresights

Device Services

Embracing “Beyond the Machines” mindset to interface networked devices as a service

How to Build Digital Enterprise Value Model? What are Enterprise Value Indices? How to Link Collective Values with Lean Service Portfolio?

What are Process Architecture Layers? How to Model Complex Behavior of Enterprise Processes? How to Orchestrate Process Endpoints at Scale?

What is Data Economy? How to Ingest, Process, Learn, Analyze & Serve Data Objects as Current Assets? How to Build Data-Process-Value Culture?

How to Adopt Industrial IoT in Digital Enterprise? How to Link Device Interfaces to Processes? How to Enrich Raw Sensed Data using Data-Wrangling Services?

Diligent Consulting Services

“Corporate Consultation is Collective, Agile and Resilient Endeavor (CARE) to Manifest True Understanding about the Value of Systems!

It Engineers Decisions that Foster Systematic Growth.”

Soheil Qanbari – CEO

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Dilicon Methodologies on Agile Software Engineering

GATE Method:
Engineer Growth Processes

Sweets & Desserts
Chinese Food


Barbecue Items
Barbecue Items

With GATE method, the requirement engineering team seek for building befitting gate to open and capture innovative opportunities. Having the right GATE built, establishes the right approach for the conceptual formation of the digital enterprise as well as opening a layered perspective to reflect “Becoming” of an enterprise.

ARENA Method:
Incubate & Industrialize

Salads Collections
Salads Collections
Hot & Cold Drinks
Hot & Cold Drinks
Hot & Cold Drinks

With ARENA approach, the incubation is accelerated to build and realize subtle but impactful value increments. ARENA harnesses the digitalization power to construct noble solutions. Furthermore, it tailors the juvenile and fledgling system with a conscious touch of reality to cause a timely collective socio-environmental impact.

Diligent Consulting Services

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